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South African Tas-heel Series Syllabus PDF versions

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Alhumdulillah, the Tas-heel series Kutub/Books have been made available as PDFs online.

I have collated AND uploaded all the Kutub/Books that are used per grade to my site.

To access and download the books of the Grade you’d like, click on the page links below:

Grade 1 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 2 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 3 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 4 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 5 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 6 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 7 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 8 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 9 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 10 Tas-heel Syllabus

Grade 11 and 12 Tas-heel Syllabus

Shafi’i Fiqh Tas-heel Syllabus

I hope you find these links as beneficial as I did.

Please share this page with your teacher friends, parents and anyone that might find these links useful.

May Allah accept all the noble works of Deen and reward those who took the time out to create these Pdfs. Aameen

Humble Request for Duas

-Madrasah Teacher



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32 thoughts on “South African Tas-heel Series Syllabus PDF versions

  1. assalam u alaikum. thanks a lot for providing the pdf’s. are they allowed to be shared with other muslim parents?

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  2. Assalaam aleikum.
    I recently came across this treasure of knowledge and I pray that Allah accepts from you and rewards you abundantly.Amin.
    My kids have greatly benefitted from the tasheel series.
    May I request for the Shafi’ version of Tasheel ul Fiqh?


  3. Aslkm. Jazakallah for sharing these books with us. They are extremely beneficial. May Allah reward you abundantly IA Ameen.

    I wanted to find out if it’s possible to source the tasheel fiqh in Shafiee math’hab please?


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  4. i have made a facebook group with a google drive folder with lots of islamic material for kids and new muslims. There are quran/prophet stories, textbooks, islamic stories, storybooks, picture books, called: Islamic storybooks for children and new muslims :
    I have gotten written permission from author to share which i am attaching in group. Please join and invite other muslim parents to join as well. All material can be downloaded for free and shared with other’s. Thank you

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    1. ASSALAMUALAYKUM warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
      JazakAllahkhairan the pdf are so much of help alhmdulillah may Allah accept one and all for the work of his deen aameen


  5. Mashallah mashallah mashallah and Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah! You have no idea how much you have done for all the Maktab teachers out there by uploading the tasheel series! Subhanallah! May Allah Ta’ala grant you the best of both the worlds and grant you the best of Jaza e Khair for this amazing deed!

    With lots of love 💕


  6. Jazakalla so much this really helped with my exams 🥰 may u be rewarded . Do u perhaps have exam papers that are for practice usage ?


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